Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well. Rand, what will it be?

I don't know which Rand Paul is going to Washington. He seems he wants to flip-flop on his flip-flop, which was the one where he set his campaign on. Apparently, according to Ryan, he was on Wolf Blitzer's program last night.
Responding directly to that excerpt, Paul told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday evening, “I never said that” and that he has asked for a correction.

“I will not use the earmark,” he said.

The distinction Paul makes is that he would advocate for federal funding for Kentucky programs or projects during committee hearings and budget discussions but not use earmarks, which he said are often “stuck on in the dead of the night.”

It’s the process — not the outcome that to which Paul objects.[...]

Later in his interview with Blitzer, Paul said he still favors extending the tax cuts from 2001 and 2003 even if it takes money away from the treasury. Spending must be cut, he said.

Paul, however, stepped gingerly around the question of whether he would vote to extend the debt ceiling from $14 trillion.
See, Rand Paul has a problem with spending but has no problem with corporate executives having to pay a WHOLE LOT LESS in taxes.

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