Friday, January 13, 2006


Did you see Glory Road yet? What were your thoughts on it?

Want to watch the Figure Skating championships? Then check the TV listings? I don't usually watch skating but I always watch the events leading up the the Olympics.

Will Emily Hughes follow in her sister's footsteps? I don't know. It's been said that she's the underdog.
The contenders for the three Olympic berths in women's figure skating to be determined at the national championships (in order of perceived chances):

Michelle Kwan, 25: Nine-time U.S. champion, she is skipping the nationals with a strained groin muscle but could be voted onto the Olympic team via injury petition.
Sasha Cohen, 21: Two-time world championships runner-up, heavy favorite to win.
Alissa Czisny, 18: Most surprising and consistent American skater this season.
Kimmie Meissner, 16: The sport's newest jumping sensation.
Emily Hughes, 16: Breakthrough season in 2004-05 with bronze at world juniors.
Beatrisa Liang, 17: National-class veteran of four years.
Amy Shir will be running against Bob DeWeese for the 48th State House district. I'm glad about this because I live in DeWeese's district and he's always unopposed.

Congressman Tom Lantos believes that the US and EU should sanction Iran if the UN will not.

Bill Haley may no longer be alive but that doesn't stop the Comets from playing 60-80 shows a year.
And, 51 years after Bill Haley and The Comets became a hot ticket with the catchy tune, five of the original Comets continue to tour, wailing to "Rock Around the Clock," "Shake, Rattle and Roll," "See You Later Alligator" and other hits from the 1950s.

Yes, they are up there as many accumulated years as the Supreme Court justices.

Yet, Frank Beecher, 84, Dick Richards, 82, Johnny Grande, 75, Marshall Lytle, 72 and John Ambrose, 71, are still having a ball.[...]

The Comets were the first rock band to hit the charts in 1953 with "Crazy Man Crazy," which pre-dates Elvis Presley's first recording for Sun in 1954. Presley, in fact, was on a The Comets' TV show in Cleveland in '55.[...]

In 1980, Lennon said he remembered his first inspiriaton "happened to me when I heard rock 'n' roll in the fifties. I had no idea about doing music as a way of life until rock 'n' roll hit me. It was 'Rock Around the Clock.' I loved it. That was when I knew I wanted to go into pop music."

Four years later, McCartney said that the first time 'I really felt a tingle up my spine was when I saw Bill Haley and The Comets on the telly. Then I went to see them live. I knew there was something going on here."

Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash said last year that he still has a ticket stub from a Bill Haley and The Comets show in 1957.

"Over the years I've lost houses, I've lost wives. But I've not lost that ticket stub," Nash said.
Peter Sullivan, in a press release, has criticized Jeb Bradley's endorsement of Roy Blunt.
State Rep. Peter Sullivan today criticized Congressman Jeb Bradley for his endorsement of Rep. Roy Blunt for House Majority Leader.

"There's an old song by the Who that says 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'. I can't think of any more appropriate line to describe Jeb Bradley's endorsement of Roy Blunt for House Majority Leader", said Sullivan.

"Roy Blunt is a full-fledged part of the problem in Washington. This is a man who was called one of the most corrupt members of Congress by a non-partisan watchdog group, a man who has abused his position as a public servant to line the pockets of his girlfriend and his son, a man who is a protege of the indicted and disgraced Tom DeLay.

"If Jeb Bradley sees Roy Blunt as a responsible leader, he has lost touch with New Hampshire values."

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