Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A new day begins..

I want to thank those of you that have been supportive of "Lazy Tuesday" in the past 48 hours. It truly means a lot to me and that you appreciate my work. That reminds me that two weeks from yesterday is March 14, 2006, which means it must be Pi Day. I'll have something in store for you. It won't be a video--that is for sure but it will be a rocker if you get the hint...

I'm not sure if it's the network here or my own machine, probably the network, but everything is loading at dial-up speeds, if not close to it. Pages that load in seconds are taking close to three minutes to load.

Basketball in the Bluegrass State have fans praying for a couple of victories. UK is on the bubble. The Cats must win tonight and hope that Florida loses.
"I think if neither one of them makes the NCAA tournament, they'll probably drape the state in black," said Larry Conley, a broadcaster who played at Kentucky under Hall of Fame coach Adolph Rupp.

These aren't abysmal teams by any stretch. But in the Bluegrass state, where even the high school basketball tournament sells out Rupp Arena, they might as well be.

"I've had people come up to me and say their family's not getting along well because we're losing," Kentucky guard Ravi Moss said.[...]

"The struggles of Louisville and Kentucky are aberrations," said Murray State coach Mick Cronin, a former assistant at Louisville. "That shows you the state of the game in college basketball. With kids going to the pros left and right, it's hard to maintain stability."[...]

Coach Rick Pitino says he never expected this team to be great, but he empathizes with Kentucky coach Tubby Smith, who occupies his old job.

"Kentucky basketball is like Notre Dame football," Pitino said. "They're not happy unless they're unhappy. They want a Final Four every year. They'll take an Elite Eight, accept a Sweet 16. Anything less than that and they're miserable."

The Wildcats have won more games than any other Division I program in history but haven't reached the Final Four since their 1998 national title Smith's first year.[...]

"That's just Kentucky basketball," said Travis Ford, who played for the Wildcats and coached at Eastern Kentucky before taking a job this year to coach Massachusetts. "You could be sitting 25-6, and they'd want to know, 'Why did you lose those six?'"[...]

Heck, Bradley might get in the field.

Evan Bayh has introduced some legislation dealing with the current port security situation which will likely be defeated in the Senate.

Paul McCartney and his wife are planning a seal hunt protest.

The Robert Cray Band will open up for blues-rock guitarist Eric Clapton during this summer's tour.

Jon Stewart looks Oscar in the eye...

A mall used in The Blues Brothers has been razed.

UTEP will enshrine Bobby Joe Hill's jersey at the Don Haskins Center.

It looks like Christopher Shays intends to vote for Sen. Joe Lieberman. Shays is a moderate Republican.
"Would he accept the endorsement of the Republican Party? No, he is seeking the Democratic Party nomination," said Casey Aden-Wansbury, his communication director. She said no one representing Lieberman has discussed a cross-endorsement with Republicans.

Lieberman accepted a cross-endorsement in 1994, while seeking his second term. He ran with the endorsement of the Democratic Party and A Connecticut Party, the banner under which Lowell P. Weicker Jr. was elected governor in 1990.[...]

It was unclear Tuesday why Shays told The Advocate he hoped Republicans would consider endorsing Lieberman. His campaign manager, Michael Sohn, said he believed Shays mentioned the idea when asked about Farrell's endorsement of Lieberman, despite their differences on the war.

"It is something Chris has been thinking about for a long time," Sohn said. "I think part of it did come from the flow of conversation. Chris is a person who says what he believes. When asked a question, he is not going to lie, not going to beat around the bush." Lieberman did not return the favor Tuesday.

"I thank Chris Shays for his support," Lieberman said, according to his staff. "But of course I am enthusiastically supporting my fellow Democrat Diane Farrell in this congressional race, as I did two years ago."
Ben Cardin has recieved the support of the Maryland and D.C. AFL-CIO while Mike Weaver recieved the support of the National Education Association.

Joining Zanie's in Chicago soon will be the Improv comedy club.

Town Hall has a column offering a memo to Democrats.
4) Nominate Indiana Senator Evan Bayh for President. Bayh learned from the 1980 defeat of his father, Senator Birch Bayh, how to present liberalism with a mainstream face. He's your man. If he's the nominee, you win and the Republicans lose.

5) Engage the conservative churchgoing audience, don't ignore them. Do your best to hide the condescension you feel for them. Meet with their leaders. Go on their talk shows. Tell them about the change in your party platform on abortion. Don't sneer or condescend. Remember, these are voters you are trying to win over to your side and insulting voters is always a bad idea.
We need Senator Bayh as the nominee to win. I don't hate HRC that much. I just wish she had ran in Arkansas instead of New York but the fact is that, while we will get a female president someday, HRC is simply too polarizing even within the party and that shows in the blogosphere. Again, no offense to HRC supporters.

The answer to the question is No! The Senate seat helps with the majority but as a presidential candidate, I say no way.

Indiana is having a debate dealing with toll roads.

I don't know the political ideology of the site that I am linking but even Jon Stewart thinks that the Democratic Party needs to get their head in the game.

Eric Streit needs your help in the first district.

The N network will air all episodes of Summerland.

I get my news from blogs, NBC's Nightly News, the internet, local papers, etc. However, surveys show that--well, you get the idea as soon as I show you the quote.
No lie. A couple of years ago, the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press surveyed Americans about how they get their political news. And get this: Twenty-one percent of young people (ages 18-29) said they regularly get their news from comedy shows such as Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show. ( And 23 percent said they regularly read a newspaper.)
Check Redbirds Fun in a few minutes for the latest news on the St. Louis Cardinals.

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