Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Change for Kentucky endorses Miller-Maze

Just saw this in my inbox:
This past Saturday, March 24, a group of 30 Change for Kentucky county organizers, representing 10 CFK/DFA groups, met in Elizabethtown, Kentucky to determine what role our organization would play in the 2007 Kentucky gubernatorial primary.

We poured over candidate questionnaires, mined polling data collected in our CFK Primary Survey, and met individually with six of the seven candidates for the Democratic Primary (in person or via video).

Most importantly, throughout the day we talked--about the future of Kentucky; about the rising tide of pessimism and disappointment people feel about Kentucky politics; about our mission and our responsibility to help change Kentucky from the grassroots up.

At the end of the day, we came to this decision: Jonathan Miller should be the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Change for Kentucky will support him in his effort to win the Democratic primary in May.

What we’ve learned, seen and felt over the last month is that Jonathan Miller and his running mate Irv Maze share a remarkable idea of government: solutions rather than politics, accountability without hedging, morality as the engine of good policy (not a stick with which to beat others).

Our organization was founded to support fiscally responsible and socially progressive candidates. With cradle to college ideas, expanding the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program, ending no-bid contracts, reforming mountain top removal mining, Jonathan Miller respects and believes in those principles; he understands how inherent they are to making Kentucky strong from the inside.

Over the next 56 days, we’ll encourage you to join together to help elect Jonathan Miller. If you are already part of a county group, we’ll ask that you keep working together. If you are out there alone, we’ll ask you to talk to your neighbors, maybe attend a letter writing party or a house meeting in your area. If you are part of another progressive organization, we’ll ask that you look at the Miller-Maze platform, and see how their ideas match up with your beliefs and goals. Together, we can make a difference in what promises to be a close election on May 22.

This is an exciting and new chapter for Change for Kentucky and our DFA affiliates. It’s another landmark in our progress and growth. We’ve come a long way so far, and we’ve made a name for ourselves as representatives of a new brand of Kentucky politics.

Change for Kentucky county organizers met this weekend, and we came away believing that Jonathan Miller is the best candidate for Kentucky Governor. We believe that he will work hard every day, that he will take his job and his responsibility seriously, that he will advocate for our beliefs, and that he will make our vision of Change for Kentucky a destination--not just a saying.
Good news.

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