Saturday, March 17, 2007

NCAA Second Round: Saturday Edition

Saturday, March 17
Georgetown 62, Boston College 55
North Carolina 81, Michigan State 67
Vanderbilt 78, Washington State 74 (2OT)

Ohio State 78, Xavier 71 (OT)
Texas A&M 72, Louisville 69

Butler 62, Maryland 59

Pittsburgh 84, Virginia Commonwealth 79 (OT)
UCLA 54, Indiana 49

As an FYI, during the Vanderbilt-Washington State game, CBS aired a graphic saying that the last time an NCAA Tournament game went in to double overtime was during the 2005 Regional Final between Michigan State and North Carolina. However, the game was actually Michigan State and Kentucky. I know this because I watched it and blogged it.

ETA: It was actually the Boston College-Pacific game during the 2006 tournament.

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