Thursday, March 29, 2007

Where do we stand with Billy Donovan?

Another day goes by and we still do not have a coach at UK.

I don't know if what Adam Allen said was true. We're still waiting for Coach Billy Donovan, himself, to make a yes or no statement.
Just as Allen started to worry about his Gators future, he looked down at his cell phone.

Allen received a text message Tuesday from Donovan, who addressed the circulating rumors.

"It said he knows there are a lot of rumors going around but that he's just glad to have me, and he's looking forward to coaching me at Florida," Allen said.

Donovan has not made a concrete statement about his future while the Gators continue their run in the NCAA Tournament.

When asked about the possibility of coaching at Kentucky in Wednesday's NCAA coaches' teleconference, Donovan again remained tight-lipped.

"My focus is on our team and our program and the Final Four," he said. "To me, there is nothing more to address. I've already addressed it."
Privately, he may have already made up his mind but when he's in public, we don't know. Here's another:
No matter how hard he tries, the shadow of Kentucky and its vacant coaching job continues to hang over Billy Donovan. As he prepares his team for its Final Four game against UCLA and UK fan Web sites speculate that he's likely to join the Wildcats, Donovan said again Wednesday that Kentucky is not a part of his thought process right now.

"I think there have been distractions all year long to our basketball team, and if I were to address this right now, my focus is our team, our program and this great opportunity to play in the Final Four," he said. "To me, there is nothing more to address. I think I've already addressed it."
He's coming. He had another chance to flat out say no, and he didn't. The only option I see is that he's leveraging for a higher pay raise while at Florida. I'll tell you this right now. Add Donovan to the Kentucky tradition and you get the five star recruits. Florida won't be anywhere near as good next season.

Ultimately, this is Billy Donovan's decision to make. One way or another, I believe that he will have to listen to what UK has to say. He worked here under Rick Pitino and saw us make two deep runs in the tournament (1991-92, 1992-93).

There will be some good years and there will be some bad years--it's happened before. But there will never go another decade without an appearance in the final four ever again. This is Kentucky, a tradition unlike any other.

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