Thursday, March 01, 2007

Donovan defends Tubby

“I think in life – and I really believe this, I think it’s true about our team – when you feel like you have to live up to expectations of other people, you really go through life unhappy.

"And I think Tubby, as a man, knowing him, is very, very proud of what he’s done at Kentucky, the character and integrity (with) which he’s carried himself. And ultimately, the only person that really needs to be happy is Tubby. I think he probably is and should be.”[...]

“There’s always going to be somebody that’s upset, unsatisfied, unhappy or bothered,” Donovan said. “There’s an old saying that you can’t keep everybody happy. Tubby’s done a wonderful job with his team.

"(Four) years ago, they were 16-0 on the league, they were the best team in the country. But I think outside of the job (he’s done) at Kentucky, I’ve got more respect and admiration for him as a person.”

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