Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Patrick Patterson

As far as I know, the rumors that Fox Sports Radio is spreading are untrue. The last I heard, Patrick Patterson wouldn't be making a decision until April.

Patterson would make a great power forward on the University of Kentucky Wildcats should he decide to sign with the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

The key thing is: Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson's decisions to sign a letter of intent to play college basketball at UK are all pending the decision of the athletic department. Should Tubby be canned, there goes any chance of signing either. But should he stay, it increases their chances of signing.

I'll say it again. The university would be crazy to buy out Tubby Smith's contract. As coach, Smith has had more NCAA wins than Duke, Kansas, UCLA, and UNC in the NCAA Tournament in the past nine years. We have made it to the Elite Eight sveeral times but for many, it just is not good enough and they want him out. If Derek Anderson joins the staff, as the rumors are saying, we could start landing some top notch recruits out there.

I think I've said my 2 cents.

ETA: The Patrick Patterson rumors are confirmed to be false.

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