Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kentucky vs. Kansas

I think that if Kentucky shows up in all 40 minutes of the game, they can advance to San Jose by beating the Kansas Jayhawks.

Look at the omens alone. Duke lost in the first round--this has not happened since 1996. Villanova has lost to the national champions two seasons in a row. Let's make it a third season in a row!

If you thought the past seasons were down years, things will change next season when Kentucky welcomes Jai Lucas and Patrick Patterson to the roster assuming that they make a committment soon.

Let's go out there and get a win tonight!

The Wildcats lead the series all-time: 19-5.

Starting Lineups:
Kentucky (22-11)
G Derrick Jasper
G Ramel Bradley
G Joe Crawford
C Randolph Morris
F Bobby Perry

Kansas (31-4)
G Mario Chalmers
G Russell Robinson
G Brandon Rush
C Sasha Kaun
F Julian Wright

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