Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ESPN Magazine's Tom Friend on Rome is Burning

Earlier today on ESPN's Rome is Burning, hosted by Jim Rome, ESPN Magazine columnist Tom Friend was a panelist to discuss the latest Billy Donovan talk. Not only does he continue to insist that if Donovan goes anywhere that it's to coach the Miami Heat in the NBA, but he stated and this is direct verbatim from the show today, "Billy Donovan has in his contract that he can not leave Florida for the University of Kentucky."

Nowhere does it have any sort of clause saying he cannot go coach at UK.

In fact, section 13A of his contract is very specific when it states "Termination without a Cause." Meaning, either party can terminate the contract between March 1st and April 1st of any year, except for the year the contract expires.

What I heard on the television show today was a complete embarassment to ESPN. If you are going to talk about a contract and what is stated, you should at least make sure what you are saying is in there. There is NO CLAUSE saying he cannot go to UK to coach.

You can read his contract right here.

In other Kentucky-related news, Duke graduate Jay Bilas had this to say in an ESPN chat when asked which school he would coach: Kentucky or Florida.
"Kentucky. It is one of the game's greatest programs, and that new facility the Cats have is truly amazing. UK has great support, and it is one of the giants. Love that place."

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