Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Non-NCAA Thread...

Ryan Alessi hands it to Steve Henry.

Expect labor the play a huge role in this election.

The Los Angeles Times has been caught in a little bit of controversy.

Bayh addressed the issue of higher education yesterday. Here is additional information on Bayh.

State Treasurer, and your next Governor, Jonathan Miller, has called the lack of universal healthcare in this state a moral outrage. Miller has also proposed an initiative dealing with veterans' care.

Here is one article about last night's get together with the down-ticket candidates. A few, sadly, were no shows including my choice for Attorney General, Jack Conway. I did have the chance to chat a little bit with my choices for two other offices, Dr. Dick Robinson (Secretary of State) and Col. Mike Weaver (Treasurer). Both are great guys and deserve to be elected to office. You might remember from last year's election that I interviewed Col. Weaver. Well, I am planning to follow up on that with regards to this year's election. I am also going to interview Dr. Robinson as well.

Jim Pence has some new Miller videos up and here they are:

Due to March Madness, posting will be lighter than it usually is.

This is complete bull and you know it! If you claim to not be supporting a candidate, why in the heck would you host a fundraiser for them?!?
Jerry Lundergan says it'll be a fundraising lunch at his home. Lundergan says it will be a small gathering of about 75 people. He's hoping they'll pony up the maximum contribution allowed......$4600/person. Lundergan says he promised the Clintons he would host a fundraiser for Hillary after the Clintons raised $1.3 million for the Kentucky Democratic Party over the past two years. Lundergan says the Clintons asked for nothing in return, even paying their own airfare to the two fundraising events.
Lundergan says his hosting of a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton is not an indication that he's supporting her presidential bid.

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