Monday, March 26, 2007

I hated Bush before it was cool...

If one was a Texas Ranger fan, I could understand that.

Joseph Gerth picks up on some tidbits. The first is about Jack Conway's car.
If you ever wondered where Louisville lawyer and Democratic attorney general candidate Jack Conway stands on President Bush, look no further than his SUV.

Last Wednesday he attended a Lexington fundraiser for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton -- starring her husband, former President Bill Clinton -- at the home of Democratic Party Chairman Jerry Lundergan. A sticker on the back of his vehicle said, "I hated Bush before it was cool!"
The second is: Don't go to Greg Stumbo for advice when it comes to filling out your brackets for March Madness.
If Bruce Lunsford is elected governor, we know one job he ought not give running mate Greg Stumbo: operating the office's NCAA basketball tournament pool.

The campaign released Lunsford's and Stumbo's tournament picks just before the games began two weeks ago -- and by last Friday morning, the ever-pandering Stumbo had already lost all but one of his Final Four picks.

(He chose the University of Kentucky to make the Elite Eight, the University of Louisville to make the Final Four and Eastern Kentucky University to upset top-seeded North Carolina.) Lunsford, on the other hand, correctly picked three of the Final Four teams.
The only team I did not pick was UCLA. In retrospect, I should have. They are a tough team and I wouldn't be surprised if they give Florida an early exit back to Gainesville...except Donovan would make a pit stop in Lexington.

Back to Stumbo, no number 1 seed has ever lost in the first round. Eastern Kentucky had no chance from the get go. Kentucky, as much as I would have liked, had no chance to get past Kansas. Louisville, uh, what were you thinking? You are as bad as Mitch McConnell and Tony Kornheiser.

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