Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spring break is over

Spring break, or any break in general, usually means that blogging is light. That was the case this year as well.

Let's catch up on news before the NCAA Men's Tournament selection show.

The University of Kentucky Wildcats baseball team has continued it's winning streak having started off the season with 15 wins in a row.

I'd have to agree with this article and I won't lie. I'm tired of blogging about the 2008 election.

Tom Daschle is part of a new policy center.

Irv Maze recently stood in for Jonathan Miller at a gubernatorial forum.

It should be noted that Opening Day is the Sunday before the holiday but because only two teams play on Sunday, the rest start on Monday. It will be interesting to see who sits out those two games in a row due to the Pesach holiday.
The seven JMLs who return to their 2006 teams are Mets outfielder Shawn Green; Ausmus, a Golden Glove catcher for the Astros; first baseman Kevin Youkilis and lefty pitcher Craig Breslow of the Red Sox; second baseman Ian Kinsler and right-hander Scott Feldman of the Texas Rangers; and lefty reliever John Grabow of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
This is, how else can I put it, EMBARRASSING!

Obama stepped it up bigtime.

Jonathan Miller favors using expanding gaming revenues to help with the rising costs of healthcare.

Jack Conway brought his campaign for the AG office down to Bowling Green.

Chris Dodd is bound for Comedy Central.

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