Saturday, February 02, 2008

A few things...including Jay Footlik's latest endorsement

Stephanie Horne, wife of Democratic Senate candidate Andrew Horne, has posted a diary on Daily Kos. Please read and recommend.

Let's check in on Illinois' 10th District. You might wonder, why a guy from Kentucky cares about what the voters do in the 10th district. Well, I'm moving to the Chicago area this August so I've got a vested interest in the least I think that's the phrase I'm looking for. Anyway, I've met Jay Footlik. He's the official photographer of my photo with Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz. Jay will make a great Congressman and will represent the voters better than Dan Seals and Mark Kirk combined. Today, Jay Footlik picked up the endorsement of the Lake County News-Sun.
Conventional wisdom tells us in the 10th District, Dan Seals of Wilmette should win the Democratic primary over Jay Footlik of Buffalo Grove. That would set up a rematch of 2006 when Seals garnered 47 percent of the vote against incumbent Republican Mark Kirk of Highland Park. However, we believe Seals had his chance in what turned out to be a Democratic year in a swing district. Both Seals and Footlik are attractive candidates and are well versed on the issues, especially Footlik, a homeland security consultant and former diplomatic aide in the Clinton administration. We endorse Footlik, who brings a new perspective to the district and would make a formidable opponent come November.
While the Chicago Tribune endorsed Seals, they do note the following about Jay Footlik: He "worked in the Clinton administration on domestic and foreign policy issues and has a deep knowledge of Mideast affairs" and is considered to be a "smart, well-prepared candidate."

The Sun Times notes that "impressive academic credentials and business and policy experience" is on Footlik's resume and that he "is strong in several areas."

In sports news, Matt Walsh has what could be concieved as incriminating evidence against the New England Patriots.

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