Thursday, February 07, 2008

O'Malley emails voters

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley tells us why he supports Sen. Clinton:
Over the past six weeks our Democratic Party has embarked on an historic journey. The path of selecting our nominee has been an incredible process. And although Democrats everywhere can take pride in their party and in their choice of candidates this primary season, it is Senator Hillary Clinton who is truly ready to lead on day one. She possesses the exceptional level of ability that will be required to reverse the catastrophic blunders of the Bush years and put our nation back on course.

Now more than ever, we need someone of uncommon intelligence and toughness, a leader with a powerful vision for our country, a leader with a proven record of results, a leader like Senator Clinton. For her entire career, Hillary has stood up for individuals and families who did not have the strength or resources to stand up for themselves in the face of overwhelming social forces. Now it's time for Maryland to stand up for Hillary.

Please join myself, Senator Barbara Mikulski, and other officials this Friday, February 8th at 12:00 noon on Lawyers Mall in front the Maryland State House, as we Rally for Hillary. We are urging you to bring as many people as possible to Annapolis to help send a clear message to all of Maryland that Hillary is ready to clean up the mess of failed polices left by Bush administration.

It's time for Maryland to join the ranks of New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Arizona, Arkansas and California. It's time for Maryland to stand up for universal health care, for a safe and expedient withdrawal from Iraq, and for a presidential administration that will see our country through tough and unpredictable economic times, preserving opportunity for all. It's time for Maryland to stand up for Senator Hillary Clinton, a leader ready for the White House, a leader ready to lead on day one.

We need your time now more than ever. There are a number of activities taking place this weekend through Election Day. Please see the list below and give as much time as you can spare. Be sure to get in touch with your local organizer to find out other activities not listed. And stay tuned for other event announcements.

Thank you,

Martin O'Malley

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