Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Survey USA, WCPO and WHAS-11 Poll Results

Just as I figured...check out Joe Arnold's WHAS-11 exclusive report.
In Kentucky, Before Super Tuesday Results Known, Republicans Take 3 of 4 White House Match-Ups: In head-to-head match-ups today, 02/05/08, Kentucky elects a Republican President in 3 of 4 match-ups, and Democrats manage only a tie in the 4th, according to SurveyUSA's latest general election tracking poll conducted exclusively for WHAS-TV Louisville and WCPO-TV Cincinnati. John McCain beats Barack Obama by 29 points and beats Hillary Clinton by 10. Mitt Romney beats Barack Obama by 17 points, but trails Hillary Clinton by 2 -- a statistical tie given the survey's 4.3% margin of sampling error.
It's what I've thought all along. If the Democrats elect Clinton and the Republicans elect Romney, we win Kentucky. Otherwise, we are screwed.

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