Monday, February 04, 2008

Kentucky Congressmen silent on candidates makes sense given that WE DON'T VOTE UNTIL THE CONTEST HAS ALREADY BEEN DECIDED.
On the Democratic side, Rep. Ben Chandler in 1996 was among 23 state attorneys general who endorsed President Bill Clinton's re-election. However, that doesn't mean the former president's wife, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, will automatically receive the congressman's backing.

Fellow Democratic Rep. John Yarmuth likes both Hillary Clinton and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. He told WHAS-TV in Louisville that he thinks Obama is the best choice for president, but he isn't sure Obama will get the Democratic nomination.

"I believe a Barack Obama presidency would change the way America is perceived around the world overnight," Yarmuth told the Herald-Leader on Friday. "I also feel Senator Clinton has demonstrated a remarkable intellect and strength. The Democrats are in an incredible position right now with two remarkably strong leaders vying for the nomination."

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