Thursday, February 03, 2005

The New Republic

From the same people that endorsed the candidate that I backed in the primaries:
But reform is also the new buzzword in the party's idea factories and among its elite as well. Much of the Democratic Leadership Council's recent advice for the party is to retake the mantle of political reform from Republicans using issues like redistricting, ethics, and electoral reform. Similarly, Carville tells anyone who will listen that Democrats must embrace the label of reform. But they are not talking about party-wide revolution. (Carville, after all, was appalled by the open process of the DNC chair's race.) They are talking about issues Democrats can use to defeat Republicans. Dean's first hurdle as chairman will be to erase the cartoon image of him that is seared into the minds of most Americans. But, beyond that monumental task, Dean will somehow have to mend the insider-outsider cleavage in the Democratic Party, a cleavage that he, perhaps more than anyone else, is responsible for creating--and which finally brought him to power.
Dean is an outsider but the DNC members are outsiders. I guess he'll be working outside at a desk on the street while listening to the Deaniac National Currency. His chairmanship gives a lot of comedy material such as YEAH!!!!!!! I can't help you on that Howard. You did yourself in while in Iowa.

Ariel Sharon was never a true Likudnik. That's what they say on the right. The left says he's the second coming of that schmuck. I say respect him as he is a leader in Israel.

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