Friday, October 14, 2005

Covering all the bases...

Now that I've started to catch up on movies, I'm going to finish with a massive update.

Keith Richards regrets never having the chance to play with either Otis Redding or Warren Zevon. In away, I know how he feels. I went to college my freshman year in Illinois. I never got to meet Sen. Barack Obama.

While Keith Richards has been living in Connecticut for years, he is proud to be British.

Another article by a self-proclaimed liberal who believes in a united Democratic Party. If you've been reading this blog for the past year, well, then, you know how much I'd like to see a party united with no intra-party feuds.
We liberals should link arms with moderates like Harry Reid, Mark Warner, Evan Bayh, and Howard Dean and they should do the same. I cannot think of a better time to unite. Only with unity will we be able to defeat the Republicans. We need to talk about values and drive those corrupt Republicans from Washington so the big boys can take over. We need to keep on fighting linked together as a united Democratic Party that will deliver a crucial blow to the Republicans in 2006 and 2008. The time is to strike is now!!!
What?!? Stephen Colbert is a pundit?!? What is the world coming to? His new show debuts Monday night at 11:30 PM only on Comedy Central.
And in the spirit of O’Reilly, the avowed independent thinker, "We work hard not to come down pro-right, or anti-left, but generally to come down pro-you. I’m on YOUR side. It’s not about right and left — it’s us and them. I’m looking out for America and I’m looking over your shoulder at the same time. Because I’ve got your back."
I'm getting closer to finishing these emails!

New Hamphire State Rep. Peter Sullivan has been named by the Granite State Conservation Voters Alliance as a "Hero of the House."
"I am honored to be recognized by the GSCVA for my votes during the 2005 session" said Sullivan. "Responsible stewardship of our natural resources must be a national priority. As our next congressman, I pledge to be a strong and outspoken voice for environmetal protection in Washington."
I would like to congratulate State Rep. Peter Sullivan on that honor.

This weekend will feature starts by Matt Morris and Jeff Suppan.

Evan Bayh says Rove must go if indicted. I spoke about this earlier but now I am going to expand on it. Karl Rove did a bad thing. He outed a CIA agent to a reporter. You don't do that, whether you agree with someone's beliefs or not. It is unethical and inappropriate. Karl Rove should resign.
"Even if he's not indicted, if it appears that a top adviser to the president of the United States was trying to harm someone personally for having a different public policy point of view, that's unacceptable behavior in the White House," Sen. Evan Bayh said.

The Indiana senator said Bush's strategists have divided the nation for short-term political gain.

"That kind of cynical strategy has worked well for Karl Rove and the people whose advice he takes, but it's not good for America and it's not the kind of politics I'm going to practice," Bayh said.

Bayh, who is considering a run for the Democratic presidential nomination, visited Iowa to campaign for legislative candidates.
ABC News is under fire for using college interns. Why they have been criticized is beyond me.
ABC News is drawing fire for using college interns in an investigative report that alleges lax security at nuclear reactors on 25 U.S. college campuses.

The "Primetime Live" report examines how close those interns were able to get to the reactors, theorizing the facilities could be vulnerable to terrorists who could set off bombs that release radiation into the atmosphere.

ABC said its interns found unlocked doors, saw unmanned security booths and, in some cases, were given guided tours that gave them access to control rooms and reactor pools.

Officials at Kansas State and Ohio State universities expressed anger about the report before its scheduled airing Thursday.

"We are concerned that interns, college students, were placed in a position where they were dishonest about their roles and intentions," Terry King, dean of Kansas State's engineering school, said in a letter.

ABC said its interns were instructed not to lie.

Two students each from Columbia, Northwestern, Harvard, Southern California and California-Berkeley universities were working at ABC News as part of an internship program financed by the Carnegie Corp. and the Knight Foundation. They were assigned to the project and supervised by reporter Brian Ross and his investigative team - and were picked, in part, because they looked the part.

"The day has long since passed that I could pass as a college student," said Ross, 56.

They were told to go to the reactor facilities, say they were graduate students interested in nuclear power, and ask if they could look around. They carried regular cameras, not TV cameras, and did not say they were from ABC News. They weren't being untruthful, Ross said.
Second City Toronto will have a new home shortly.
The new Second City theatre at 51 Mercer St. has its grand opening tonight.
Okay, so they'll have a new home tonight!

Blogging on dial up can be very slow. In what usually takes me ten minutes to blog has taken about an half an hour or so.

Steve Forbes, who I will be seeing in a few weeks, has openly talked about the presidential contenders.
The 2008 presidential race -- "Who's running for it? All of the above. I've never seen so many particular leaders be friendly to me." His list of likely contenders included: former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, and senators Hillary Clinton, Evan Bayh, Bill Frist and John McCain. Of Condoleeza Rice's chances, he said: "If Dick Cheney decides to retire, you could see a scenario where the president appoints Condoleeza Rice the vice-president. Then she would have to go on an extremely fast learning curve. There might be an initial 'Oh and ah.' But when you go to the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire it becomes a very rigorous and humbling process."
Strike Frist from that list. He's the Martha Stewart for the GOP and I, for one, am sick of hearing or reading about Martha Stewart.

Here is a report on one of Bayh's trips to Iowa.

If I were a state employee, I'd be showing up for the state employee meeting to make my voice heard. What Fletcher, et al, is doing is wrong and should not be tolerated. The meeting is now on Thursday.

As to Senate races in 2006, of the major races that the pundits are watching. Democrats need to hold the seats we have right now and we need to take Pennsylvania (Casey/Pennacchio), Rhode Island (Brown/Whitehouse), Missouri (McCskill), Montana (Morrison/Tester), Ohio (Hackett/Brown), and Tennessee (Ford/someone else). We also need to keep the seats where Democrats are retiring as well as campaigning for re-election as well in order to retake the Senate. Right now we have 44-45 seats in the Senate. Taking these seats will mean an increase of 6 seats. We'd be well over 50 if that happens.

Swapping Holy sites? The Jews would take back a historic synagogue in Spain while the Vatican would regain control of a room.
Along with the rest of Jerusalem, it fell to the Ottoman Turks in the 16th century and was transformed into a mosque, whose Arabic inscriptions are still visible. Since the foundation of Israel the area has served as the site of Jewish yeshivas, or religious schools, since Jews believe that the Tomb of King David lies beneath the spot.
Rusty Anderson, like fellow guitarist Brian Ray, is living a dream.

Here's a note via the weekly LJCDP newsletter:
The next Kentucky Democratic Party State Central Committee meeting will be Saturday, October 22, at 10:00 am at the Hilton Hotel Cincinnati Airport, 7373 Turfway Road, Florence, Kentucky, just west off I-71/75 in northern Kentucky .

The meeting site is the third in a series where State Central meetings are being held around the state, and not just in Frankfort . The April meeting was in Henderson, the June meeting in Prestonsburg. All Democratic Party meetings are open to the public.
The Biden event is up here that night as well, and the YD Leadership Summitt is in Newport the same day. An event is also at Chez Nora's that Friday (THAT I REALLY NEED A RIDE TO!)

First, it was U2. Now Conan O'Brien is bring on legendary guitarist Neil Young for a whole week.
NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brien once again breaks format to bring in the biggest names in music, welcoming Neil Young as musical guest for the entire week of shows November 1-4 (12:35 am - 1:35 am, ET).

This announcement comes on the heels of the groundbreaking entire episode with U2 last week, and follows in the footsteps of other format-busting bookings of The White Stripes for a week and The Strokes for a month of Tuesdays.

"I wanted two solid months of Neil Young, but he told me it was, quote, 'getting creepy,'" quipped O'Brien.
That's about it for now.

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