Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Warner speaks, KDP Press Conference

Governor Mark Warner speaks about the governor's race in Virginia.
In particular, he criticized Republican Jerry Kilgore's death penalty ads as being "over the top."

Warner discussed the race between Kilgore and Democrat Tim Kaine on WTOP radio.

The governor says he hopes the candidates will get back to more important issues such as transportation, education and keeping communities safe. He says issues such as the death penalty are important, too, but take up only a tiny portion of a governor's time.

In TV ads, Kilgore has attacked Kaine over his opposition to the death penalty. Kaine's ads say he will carry out the death penalty if elected governor. Warner says he trusts Kaine to carry out the death penalty if elected.

Warner says as governor, he's tried to make it less about Democrats and Republicans and more about what can you get done, and that he believes Kaine will "get things done."
After the election, expect me to take down the Kaine logo and replace it with one for Mayor Martin O'Malley of Baltimore.

Anyone have any information about today's press conference at party headquarters?

The Democratic party has the priorities straight. Unfortunately, today's press conference was not a candidacy announcement, rather, it was sending a message to Anne Northup.
Democrats Can Do It Better
Kentucky Democrats have an agenda that would take the country out of the hands of special interests, lobbyists, and corporate interests, and puts it back in the hands of the American people.

The citizens of Kentucky want a change in direction, and a change in leadership.

The Kentucky Democratic agenda is about putting our people first and turning the House of Representatives from the Auction House back into the People's House.

Our top priorities are lobbying and ethics reform, tax reform, retirement security, making higher education more affordable.

Detail - Our Top Priorities are:
>Lobbying Reform - The Tom Delay "back office system" has corrupted congress. It has been facilitating cozy relationships, favors and an array of all-expenses-paid "fact-finding" trips, and golfing vacations.

Social Security/Privatization/Retirement Security -- 28 million households have no retirement plan outside of Social Security. We need a three-legged retirement stool.

Providing Economic Opportunity & Tax Reform -- Our current system already weighs heaviest on working families, and it would be unfair to add to that burden.

In Closing:
Later today we will dispatch one of our staff members to deliver this rubber stamp to Kentucky Republican Headquarters down on Capitol Avenue. This stamp is an object lesson to remind third district voters that Ms. Northup is no more effective in Washington than this stamp would be. Either Ms. Northup or this rubber stamp in the hands of President Bush or Tom Delay will yield the same result. A result that does not represent Kentucky interests.
Shame on Anne Northup.

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