Monday, October 24, 2005

Evening Roundup

Been a busy day, and I've got some more stuff to blog about with a major announcement about a candidacy later on tonight. So yea, it's been a big day.

Max Burns of The New Democrat has found a new home at the Centrist Donkey. Stay tuned for more action there come November 1st. Feel free to blogroll him if you wish. He's a moderate Democrat like myself and located in the DC area for college while being from Indiana.

Tim Kaine needs your help. Contribute what you can. The latest Mason-Dixon poll shows Kaine at 42% and Jerry Kilgore at 44%. The margin of error is 4% and the election is less than a few weeks away.

If anyone from Attorney General Greg Stumbo's office reads this, please get my email address on the press release mailing list. Thanks! I know the office sent out a press release dealing with the latest Fletcher news.
Attorney General Greg Stumbo Responds to Governor's Request to Stop Franklin County Special Grand Jury from Issuing Indictments

"Today, Governor Ernie Fletcher's lawyers, paid for by taxpayers, sought to prevent the Special Grand Jury from indicting other members of his administration.

On August 29, 2005, Governor Fletcher took the unprecedented step of issuing a blanket pardon to nine friends and associates and any other person for 'any and all' crimes committed by officials in his administration being investigated by the Special Grand Jury.

The power of the pardon must not be used as a method of hiding the truth from citizens about corruption in their government.

The Grand Jury should be free to do its job. It is made up of twelve ordinary citizens who look fairly at the facts and determine whether anyone should be charged with crimes.

Kentuckians will know what their government has been up to when the Grand Jury has reviewed all evidence, indicted all alleged to have committed crimes and issued its report to the Court. We must defend the independence of the Grand Jury to administer even-handed justice for all. Their power can never be subject to the dictates of any one man.

Kentuckians have a right to know the truth and they should demand to know the truth in this case."
Invasion?!? Nope, just a swarm of politicians that want American support in the next presidential election. Best of luck to all. Seriously. I want to win in 2008. That's why I'm Bayh-partisan.

Steve Hofstetter wants to perform on your college campus (if you are a college student).

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