Monday, October 24, 2005

I got press?

Yep, Mike Meckler of called me up last week for an interview for an article he was writing on the Ohio Senate race and blogads in that particular race. He wrote a guest column for the Columbus Dispatch.The Red-State excerpt is here:
One of the websites whose Sherrod Brown BlogAd was switched to promote the ActBlue fund is The Kentucky Democrat. The blog is the creation of Daniel Solzman, a junior at Northern Kentucky University. Solzman's blog averages under 200 visits a day. Sherrod Brown's ad is the first BlogAd ever to run on his site.

Solzman endorsed Brown on his site on October 8. Solzman told me last week that he was informed by BlogAds about the Brown campaign ad on October 17, and that he has had no contact whatsoever with the campaign since Brown's decision to re-enter the Senate race. Solzman did, however, inform me that he has had numerous online contact with outgoing GrowOhio blogger Tim Tagaris from Tagaris' days as communications director for Pennsylvania U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Pennachio. Tagaris even arranged for Solzman to conduct an e-mail interview with Pennachio back in January.
The Dispatch excerpt is here:
This concentration of readership gives advertising on progressive blogs a tremendous impact. An extensive coordinated Internet advertising campaign has been launched in support of Brown's Senate candidacy. From Daily Kos to the Kentucky Democrat, political Web sites throughout the nation are sporting ads with Brown's face and the slogan, "He's On Our Side." The ubiquity of the ads has startled even jaded observers, and the budget of the first two weeks of this advertising campaign seems to be somewhere near $10,000 at published rates. Debates have raged among progressives whether Brown and Armstrong are trying to buy the primary election by spending so much money on blog ads so early.

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