Monday, January 21, 2008

Bayh on MLK, Jr. and Rep. Carson

Evan Bayh:
Two Legacies of Inspiration
Today, we pause to honor two Americans of uncommon gifts and reflect on their extraordinary lives of accomplishment.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. transcended politics and breathed life into a civil rights movement that shined a light on racial injustice in America. He fought with words rather than bullets. He advocated for marches and sit-ins rather than riots and violence. And he proved to a nation and the world the power of peace.

Today, as we celebrate MLK Day and honor this special American healer, let us also pause to celebrate the legacy of one of Dr. King's greatest Hoosier acolytes, the late Congresswoman Julia Carson, who lost her long battle with lung cancer in December.

Much like Dr. King, Julia was a trailblazer who made history. In her life, she often faced daunting odds, but she never lost sight of her devotion to helping others. She inspired those around her with the belief that we could and should do more in the fight for what is right and just.

Tomorrow, on the first day that the United States Senate comes back into session, I will take the first step in enshrining a permanent reminder of her 35 years of passionate service on behalf of the people of Indianapolis.

With the support of Senator Lugar, I will introduce legislation that proposes renaming the Mapleton Station Post Office in Indianapolis the Julia M. Carson Post Office.

The facility is located at an address that already honors one of her heroes—2650 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street—a fitting location to remember a Hoosier public servant who left her home a far richer place as a result of her lifetime of service.

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