Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chris Thieneman drops bid, endorses John Yarmuth

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I'm shocked at this latest development but I guess Northup and McConnell put the pressure on him.

Now, the endorsement of Yarmuth comes as a surprise of sorts.

EDIT: Pol Watchers has more.
Chris Thieneman, who filed as a Republican candidate in Louisville's 3rd Congressional District, said this morning on WHAS radio that he's leaving the race and will switch parties to become a Democrat.

Thieneman repeatedly said he was tired of "career politicians" and felt like Republican leaders, such as U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, wanted him out of the Republican congressional primary.[...]

In addition to announcing to WHAS radio host Francene Cucinello that he was switching parties, Thieneman said he will endorse Yarmuth, the Democrat incumbent, for a second term.

"He hasn't done a bad job," he said of Yarmuth.
The Courier-Journal already has their article up. Joe Gerth notes the excerpts of a phone message played on the air.
As proof of that coercion, Thieneman played a voice-mail message on the radio from Larry Cox, McConnell's top aide in Kentucky, in which Cox urged him to call him.

That call came Monday afternoon, after Thieneman first appeared on WHAS radio and made similar claims about McConnell and Northup, who has since filed to run for her old House seat against Yarmuth.

"Obviously I have some concerns about this foolishness that went on this morning," Cox said in the voice mail. "I don't know who is stirring this pot and providing this misinformation. I'm pretty darn sure it's not you but I would really like to have a conversation with you."

Thieneman said he regarded that message as pressure from McConnell.
Don't forget to scroll down and read the blogterview with Greg Fischer!

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