Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bias in the BBC

Honest Reporting reports their findings on this.
Many of you wrote to the BBC asking for their reaction to our one year analysis that systematically and quantifiably demonstrated a clear bias against Israel in the BBC's reporting. So did the UK's Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News, who, along with our subscribers, were told by the BBC:

HonestReporting has a particular view of the conflict and cannot be seen as an independent arbiter of our output.

BBC News is committed to impartial reporting of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and an independent panel of inquiry into the impartiality of the BBC's coverage of the Middle East in 2006 found that there was 'no deliberate or systematic bias in our coverage of the conflict.'
Pathetic. Beyond pathetic. This is downright absurd.

Honest reporting noted the following in it's report:
*The BBC virtually ceased reporting on Palestinian rocket attacks but detailed numerous Israeli military operations in Gaza.
*The BBC's headline selection for stories about the conflict was inconsistent and favored the Palestinian side.
*Images accompanying articles of combat or terrorist attacks were heavily sympathetic to the Palestinian perspective by a ratio of three to one.

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