Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Breaking News: Anne Northup for Congress?

We know. Trust me, we know.

WHAS-11 reporter Mark Hebert reports that Erwin Roberts is being called up to active duty.
Republican Erwin Roberts has been put on notice that he's being called to active military duty for 12 months, forcing him to put his congressional campaign on hold.

Roberts has already filed papers to raise money to run for congress in the 3rd district. The deadline for filing his candidacy papers is January 29th. He was hoping to unseat democrat John Yarmuth. But the release from Roberts' campaign says he will called to active duty by the U.S. Army Reserves. Roberts says "I took an oath to serve.....although there will be sacrifices to make, when called, I will gladly serve."
Hebert notes that Roberts raised $300,000 for his campaign.

Pol Watchers notes this email sent out to supporters:
After this November's election, I had hoped to have the honor of serving my country as the next congressman for the 3rd Congressional District of Kentucky. Instead, I will have the honor of serving my country in the U.S. Army.
Excerpt from a statement released follows:
Due to the fluidity of the situation, my campaign for Congress will be placed on hold pending further notice regarding my call to active duty. This is certainly a difficult situation, but one I hope will be resolved soon. While looking forward to a reasoned discussion on the issues facing America and specifically Kentucky's Third Congressional District, I must for now give my attention to the challenges ahead. As with all Reservists who receive notice of a call to active duty, my main focus is on my family and preparing to serve.
Joe Gerth reports that fromer Republican Congressman Anne Northup is seriously considering become a three-time loser in a three year period.
But when word of Roberts impending call-up began circulating among Republicans close to him over the weekend, Northup called longtime political adviser Ted Jackson and floated the idea of another race, Jackson said.

"She's giving it very serious consideration," Jackson said.

"She's been a constant and longtime supporter of Erwin Roberts and believed that he would be the candidate ... but you can't plan these things," Jackson said. "There is certainly not another person that would have the strength that Anne would have immediately if she ultimately makes a choice to do it."

Northup served as 3rd District Congresswoman for five terms before Yarmuth ousted her in 2006. Following her loss to Yarmuth, Northup jumped into a primary race against Gov. Ernie Fletcher, saying the Republican who had been tarnished by an investigation into his administration and was indicted on misdemeanor counts couldn't win reelection.

Northup won handily in the 3rd Congressional district but lost the Republican Primary statewide. Ultimately, she was proven right when Democrat Steve Beshear cruised to an easy victory over Fletcher in November.
Bluegrass Roots notes this statement from John Yarmuth:
"I doubt very seriously that this community wants to return to a representative who championed our disastrous policy in Iraq, voted us into a nine trillion dollar debt, and answers to the drug, insurance and oil companies that financed her campaigns," his statement said.

He also noted that Northup seems to be in perpetual campaign mode.

"This is what happens with a professional politician: they keep running no matter how many times voters reject them," Yarmuth's statement said.
Go ahead, Anne. Lose and you will be called a frequent or perennial candidate during your next election. Yarmuth has it right.

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