Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's A Long Year

If you're a political junkie or even someone with a small interest in politics, it's a rather interesting time of year. One state can make or break you. Or, in some cases, the media will make or break you. New York Senator Hillary Clinton remains my number one choice and former North Carolina Senator Sen. John Edwards is a close second.

Right now, just about 1 percent of the delegates have been chosen and candidates such as Joe Biden and Chris Dodd have withdrawn the race. Politics1 reported that Mike Gravel quit the race, too. Dodd and Biden, despite the great Senators that they may be, honestly had no chance because well, the internet has changed things.

Biden's a great guy but all over the internet, all I see are complaints about the Constitutional amendment about his being required to be on television every weekend.

Dodd may have ties to Kentucky but no one really knows who he is other than that many claim that he's the better of the two Senators from Connecticutt.

Richardson, well, never seems to know whats the truth from the non-truth. Claims he was drafted but there's some dispute amongst that.

Kucinich is a joke of a candidate. Seriously, who is this guy and why is he running for president? He doesn't even come off as presidential unless he's only running in Area 51.

Obama's so fresh that apparently he's been declared the 2008 winner after only one state.

Gravel is a has-been. Why should he even matter anyway.

Edwards is untouchable. Clinton was the media winner before Iowa.

Seriously, can we get through an entire election without any pandering by any candidate for any special interest group?

Okay, so this was a highly sarcastic post. My point remains the same. It's a long year. Let's get along in peace, alright?

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