Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the filing deadline

I just caught wind of this. I am opposed to a later primary election but put me on record as being in favor of an earlier presidential primary where Kentucky voters finally have a say!
Senate President David Williams has proposed bumping back the candidate filing deadline from January to April and the primary elections from May to August, as well as moving Kentucky's presidential primary in 2012 and beyond to Super Tuesday.

But the measure barely passed the Senate state and local government committee by a 5-4 vote yesterday, with all four Democrats on the panel opposing it. That came as a surprise to Williams, who said he hadn't heard any opposition.

Sen. Ed Worley, the Democratic leader from Richmond, said the Democrats didn't support the bill because they believe the current filing deadline and primary system work well as they are and they haven't heard complaints from constituents about the system.

"It just doesn't need to be changed," he said. He added that the Democrats might be open to moving Kentucky's presidential primary date up to Super Tuesday and might have supported that part of the bill if it were by itself.
Ed, surely you must be kidding about the word "MIGHT." That shouldn't say might. That should say SHOULD!

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