Saturday, January 05, 2008

Game day...

I can be very diplomatic when it comes to sports or I can be a complete a-hole. That's for me to decide and you to interpret. Sarcasm and satire is a plus, as well, so one can never be sure. Oh well, let's see what all those schmucks and schlimazels have to say when it comes to a video that was rushed into production.

Wait, they are Louuisville Cardinal fans. Do you ever expect them to be serious about anything? Well, give them credit where credit is due. They didn't cheat in the first game or two of the season and then go on to go undefeated and then win the coach of the year or be hailed as the greatest team ever without winning the super bowl! I have serious issues with Tom "Hey I'm worse then Britney" Brady but that's not worth the blogging because it's for my comedy act--which is much better than the worst video in the world. Believe me, if I did things again, it wouldnt be so rushed.

To answer Mike's question, I've gone almost two years without watching it and I have no problems going more.

Aside from one year, whoever loses the football game always wins the basketball game and that has stayed the same so it's not like we would have won today even though we would have wanted to.

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