Saturday, September 10, 2005

ReAct Now Set list

Alicia Keys - "You'll Never Walk Alone" (NYC)
Lynyrd Skynyrd with Kid Rock - "Sweet Home Alabama" (Nashville)(In New Orleans, they love the governor) (Lead vocalist Johnny Van Zant, brother of the late Ronnie Van Zant, was unable to perform due to vocal cord problems)
Kelly Clarkson - "Shelter" (Los Angeles)
Jon Stewart in NYC
Green Day - "Wake me Up When September Ends" (Foxboro, MA)
The Rolling Stones - "Waiting on a Friend" (Mick Jagger is playing guitar on this piece) (Milwaukee, WI)
John Mayer Trio - "Gravity" (Los Angeles)
David Banner - "Cadillacs on 22" (NYC)
Rob Thomas - "Time after Time" (NYC)
Buckwheat Zydeco - "I'm Gonna Love You Anyway" (Nashville)
Coldplay - "Fix You" (NYC)
Big and Rich - "I Pray for You" (Nashville)
Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails - "Hurt" (Los Angeles)
Jon Stewart in NYC
Sheryl Crow - "Good is Good" (NYC)
Bon Jovi - "Someday I'll be Saturday Night" (Chicago)
George Lopez in Los Angeles
U2 - "Love and Peace or Else" (Toronto)
Common - "It's Your World" (Los Angeles)
Beck - "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" (Los Angeles)
The Neville Brothers - "Brothers" (Nashville)
Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional- "Ghost of a Good Thing" (NYC)
Pearl Jam - "Given to Fly" (Saskatoon) ("Our government should be the one's to take of the situation. But sometimes the people of our nation have to arise and take care of one another.")
Jewel - "A Life Uncommon" (Los Angeles)
3 Doors Down - "Here by Me" (Charlestown, SC)
Neil Young and Emmylou Harris- "This Old Guitar" (Nashville)
Kanye West - "Touch the Sky" (Los Angeles)
Kurt Louder in NYC
Elton John - "Porch Swing in Tupelo" (Toronto)
John Corbett in Nashville
Marc Broussard - "Home" (Nashville)
Melissa Etheridge - "Four Days" (Los Angeles)
Motley Crue with Chester Bennington - "Home Sweet Home" (Nashville)
Dennis Quaid in LA
Brian Wilson - "Love and Mercy" (LA)
Alan Jackson - "Rainy Day in June" (NYC)
Maroon 5 - "Don't Let Me Down" (Los Angeles) (This is a cover of the B Side to "Get Back" released in 1969 as a single)
Staind - "Right Here" (Charlestown, SC)
David Banner in NYC
The Goo Goo Dolls - "Give A Little Bit" (Los Angeles)
John Mellencamp - "Walk Tall" (Morrison, CO)
Sugarland - "Stand Back Up" (Nashville)
Chris Rock in NYC
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - "Under the Bridge" (Los Angeles)
The Game - "Dreams" (Los Angeles)
Paul McCartney - "Fine Line" (Miami, FL)
Chris Thomas King - "What Would Jesus Do" (Nashville)
Dave Matthews Band - "American Baby" (Banner Springs, KS)
Hank Williams, Jr. - "Backwater Blues" (Nashville)
Good Charlotte - "We Believe" (Los Angeles)
Audioslave - "Doesn't Remind Me" (Los Angeles)
Chestter Bennington - "Let Down (Nashville)
Fiona Apple - "Extraordinary Machine" (Los Angeles)
Trent Reznor in Los Angeles
Alan Toussaint - "With You in Mind" (NYC?)
The Radiators - "Last Getaway" (Los Angeles)
Dennis Quaid in LA
Neil Young and the Fisk Jubilee Singers - "Walking to New Orleans" (Nashville)

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