Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday night's alright for...

UK kicks off at 6 PM at Commonwealth Stadium against the Idaho State Bengals. Which means for tape delayed games, I get screwed because NKU FRICKIN' BLOCKS ALL ACCESS TO UK'S ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT WEBSITE. That's right, NKU sides with Cincinnati or Louisville. They don't care about us Wildcat fans. In other words, I can't listen to the game at all!

The VH1/MTV networks air ReAct featuring an all-star lineup starting at 8 PM tonight. Coldplay and U2 have joined Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, and gang to help raise money for the relief efforts. Will Sir Paul McCartney debut a new tune that like he did in 2001?

The St. Louis pitching staff have shut out opponents 13 times this season. Chris Carpenter has won 21 games. Tonight will be the final Saturday game at the beloved Busch Stadium. The playoff schedule will not have any Saturday games at Busch unfortunately. I don't know about you but I'm gonna miss the place. Jeff Suppan starts tonight and Matt Morris takes the mound tomorrow.

David Wells made his 26th start last night and picked up the loss. Red Sox fans have contributed $220,000 to the relief efforts. Curt Schilling took the start today against Shawn Chacon of the Yankees.

Billboard reviews the single, "Revolution," from Eric Clapton's latest solo album, Back Home. Billboard also reviews Sir Paul McCartney's latest album, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. says Sir Paul McCartney "gets back to where he once belonged."

Eric Clapton will tour in 2006, hopefully somewhere close to Kentucky because I, for one, am going to see all these legendary musicians at least once in my life.

The stress has finally gotton to Carla Blanton. Gov. Fletcher's press secretary has submitted her resignation.
It has been an honor to participate in important achievements that the governor has accomplished ... such as the budget and tax modernization," she said in a statement. "Unfortunately, this service -- particularly the last 3.5 months -- has taken a toll on me physically and personally."

Blanton later said in an interview that she has been considering leaving state government for the last month. After Fletcher pardoned nine aides indicted in the ongoing hiring investigation last week, "it seemed like the most appropriate time," she said.

She said she doesn't have any immediate job plans but wants to stay in the communications field. However, Blanton, a former lobbyist, said that her next position probably won't be "directly involved in government."

No replacement had been named as of late yesterday for Blanton, whose resignation is effective Sept. 16.

Blanton and Fletcher's communications team have spent much of the last three months responding to questions about the administration's personnel practices, which are the subject of a grand jury investigation.
It should be noted that Senator Jim Bunning was one of 6 Senators to show up for Michael Brown's confirmation hearings on June 19, 2002. Six people! That's pretty pathetic. This site lists those present as Sen. Lieberman, Sen. Akaka, Sen. Bunning and Sen. Bennett. That is two Democrats and two Republicans.

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