Thursday, February 01, 2007

Analysis of 2007 Democratic Primary

Jonathan Miller (State Treasurer) and Irv Maze (Jefferson County Attorney)
Miller and Maze come from some of the largest metropolitan areas within the state. Miller has been successfully elected twice in statewide campaigns with the last campaign drawing the largest amounnt of votes of that election. Maze is a successful county attorney in Jefferson County and a former district commissioner. Maze is a tireless campaigner. Miller, through his efforts on facebook and tours throughout the state, will get the youth vote. Miller had an Ivy league education and education is one of his top issues on the campaign trail. They will finish first in the primary.

Steve Beshear (Lt. Governor, 1983-87, Attorney) and Dr. Daniel Mongiardo (State Senator, 2004 US Senate candidate)
Steve Beshear has been out of the limelight for many years and in politics, he's what you would call a "has-been." Mongiardo nearly upset Jim Bunning in 2004 but are folks still unhappy with his sponsoring of the marriage amendment in the same year. There's also the issue of Mongiardo's fiance and the difference in ages. While many Democrats wouldn't see it as an issue, there are those family values voters that could make it an issue. Mongiardo's Eastern Kentucky base is off-set by the selection of Greg Stumbo to the Bruce Lunsford slate.

Otis Hensley, Jr. (Demolition Contractor) and Richard Robbins
I second Charlie Owen's comments from the other night in that he's a guy that wants to step up and do his part. Hensley is running as a citizen who is concerned, rather than as a politican. Also, he plans to seek the White House in 2016. I know nothing on Robbins. I predict that this ticket will finish in seventh, if not sixth.

Jody Richards (House Speaker) and John Y. Brown III (Former Secretary of State)
Richards is the only legislator to be seeking the top office rather than the #2 position. He last ran in 2003 and finished second in the gubernatorial primary. Contrary to what Steve Henry might say, Richards is the only candidate running for governor from Western Kentucky. Brown brings name recognition to the ticket and a network from his last two campaigns--assuming they aren't supporting someone else. What will hurt this ticket will be the ability to fundraise. The House is in session for most of February and March so Richards will lose the opportunity to campaign across the state in that time frame.

Gatewood Galbraith (Attorney) and Mark Wireman
Gatewood is playing the role of spoiler after picking up 10% of the vote in a three way race between Greg Stumbo, Jack Wood, and himself in the 2003 General Election. He's running as an outsider and he favors the legalization of pot in medical instances.

Dr. Steve Henry (Lt. Governor, 1995-2003) and Renee True (Fayette Co. PVA)
Henry brings a lot of negative baggage to the campaign with prior lawsuits. He announced in August 2006 or so that he would be a candidate for governor but it took until late January to find a running mate.

Bruce Lunsford (Businessman) and Greg Stumbo (Attorney General)
Lunsford might be a millionaire and Stumbo might have a base in Eastern Kentucky but no Democrat should forget the way Lunsford trashed Chandler in 2003--and the subsequent endorsement of Fletcher later that fall. There should be no reason at all to consider this ticket a frontrunner.

Furthermore, any ticket with Stumbo or Henry would likely keep Lundergan as the party's chairman.

UPDATE: I've corrected an error on where Gatewood stands on the legalization of pot. My apologies for an oversight on my part.

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