Friday, February 16, 2007

Steve Henry...yep, he's ^%&%&*^%$#

I think that it is safe to say, after reading the latest, that former Lt. Governor Steve Henry is screwed in his latest attempt to run for Governor. Henry was caught red-handed using an off-the-books account. How will this play in a gubernatorial campaign? Not so well...and we saw that when he said in June or so that he was in the race but, well, it took til about the deadline to find a running mate.
Democrat Steve Henry, who is running for governor, collected more than $170,000 in donations and spent funds last year out of an off-the-books campaign account aimed at laying the groundwork for a possible run for federal office.

While so-called "testing the waters" accounts are allowed by federal law for people considering running for Congress or U.S. Senate, Henry's use of that fund has come under scrutiny, especially now that he's opted to run for governor instead.

State laws no longer allow for "exploratory committees" for candidates to run for governor.[...]

But documents obtained by the Herald-Leader show that Henry accepted at least four contributions from companies -- which is not allowed under federal or state laws -- as well as nine checks for $4,000 or more, which is above federal campaign donation limits.

Henry said his understanding of the law was that he could accept contributions from corporations and individuals of any amount for the account but would have to refund them if he became a candidate.

"If you do not become a candidate, you're not under the same guidelines," Henry said, adding that Federal Election Commission officials told him he could collect an unlimited amount from a donor. Contributions to such funds aren't required to be reported unless the person becomes a federal candidate.
If Steve Henry is smart, he'll quit the race sooner rather than later.

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