Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gerstein has it right.

Nothing like a C-A-T-S cheer breaking out in the chambers of the State House.

Gubernatorial candidates have pledged to run positive campaigns.
"I fully understand the ramifications of personal, negative attacks toward Democratic candidate during the primary election cycle and I recognize that such campaign tactics have the potential to damage all candidates ... and divide the party," the pledge states.[...]

But Carol Andrews, spokeswoman for Miller's campaign, noted that Lunsford made a similar promise in 2003 to stay positive. “I don’t know whether any such pledge was signed but he did make public statements that he would back the nominee and stay away from personal attacks and he did neither,” she said.

Andrews said Miller takes the pledge seriously. At the same time, contrasting records in government and business are important to allow voters to make their choice, she said.
In some other news, after giving it much thought following a scandal that recently hit the Edwards campaign, I've decided to going back and remain uncommitted for 2008. If Edwards' campaign was wise, they would have actually vetted these people rather than just recruit them based on popularity within the blogosphere. Take a look at what Dan Gerstein recently said.
If the liberal blogs want to understand why so few people outside their narrow echo chamber take them seriously, and what it will take to gain the broader credibility they crave, they should look no further than their handling of the recent flap over John Edwards’ foul-mouthed blogger hires.

This ugly morality tale - which mercifully concluded Tuesday with the second of the two offending online staffers resigning from the Edwards campaign - revealed the Kossacks in all their angry adolescent glory: impudent, impotent, unreflective and unaccountable.

Throughout the course of the controversy, the left’s bigger digital diatribers never stopped to address the substance of what the Edwards bloggers actually wrote before joining the campaign. Had the bloggers done so, they might have found the postings were widely deemed by Democrats and Republicans alike as bigoted and patently offensive to many Christians, not just devout Catholics or evangelicals.

Nor did they ever stop to think how hollow and hypocritical it sounded for the same people who ravaged George Allen, for his “macaca” moment in last year’s Virginia Senate campaign to cry “free speech” when confronted with a far more nasty, vulgar, and hurtful display of prejudice from two of their own.

Instead, right until the bitter end, most liberal bloggers responded in their familiar mode – by lashing out at their critics and trying to marginalize them. This was, in their eyes, purely a manufactured controversy by the “right-wing smear machine” and a cynical attempt to silence and marginalize the Netroots.
Oy vey.

In some sad news, former Congressman Gene Snyder passed away over the weekend.

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