Monday, February 05, 2007

The morning after...

Will someone step up to the media and tell them to STOP QUOTING DANNY BRISCOE! Why does he honestly think that Henry would be #2? Henry was dead on arrival. Factor in all the negative baggage and his lack of finding a running mate.
Lunsford's campaign responded with a statement that ignored Miller but said Lunsford would make the retirement system "a top priority." Briscoe, the longtime campaign consultant, said he expected a third Democratic contender, Steve Henry, to join Miller in tackling Lunsford.

Henry's name recognition remains high after two terms as lieutenant governor. But Briscoe said he doubts that just acting like the chief rival is enough to make it happen for Henry or Miller.

"He may be the guy, but it will be for another reason," such as campaign organization or policy ideas, Briscoe said.
When was the last time he actually worked for Democratic candidates?

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