Sunday, February 04, 2007

Polls have Lunsford, Henry in the lead

If the polls showed all the biographical data with the negative baggage, they wouldn't be in the lead or even in second. Bruce Lunsford's money will not be buying my vote. I'd like to see what kind of questions were on this poll or how random the people were selected.
"They would be the worst nominees," former U.S. Rep. Mike Ward of Louisville said on WHAS Radio's Joe Elliott Show after the filing deadline passed Tuesday.

Ward backs state Treasurer Jonathan Miller and Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze, who saw the new slate as so objectionable -- and so threatening -- that they went after Lunsford at a press conference last Sunday, the day before he and Stumbo filed.

Their case, and that of many Democrats, is that Lunsford (1) pulled out of the 2003 primary with four days to go, blaming a Ben Chandler commercial that attacked his nursing-home business; (2) threw his support to House Speaker Jody Richards, nearly causing an upset, making Chandler look weak and setting the general-election table for Republican Ernie Fletcher; (3) endorsed Fletcher in the fall, with U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell at their side; (4) headed Fletcher's government-reorganization task force; and (5) kept making campaign contributions to Republicans, including Anne Northup, whose poll makes her out to be the favorite for this year's GOP nomination.

That's a steamer trunk of baggage to lug around in a Democratic primary, not to mention Stumbo's once-messy personal life and the feeling of some Democrats that he cut a deal to end his prosecution of Fletcher in order to eliminate legal obstacles to a gubernatorial campaign. The combined baggage is so massive you have to wonder how many Democrats would forgo the election or vote Republican if the Lunsford-Stumbo slate heads the Democratic ticket -- which it stands a good chance of doing.
I will say that Al Cross does ask a good question with regards to what would happen in the event that Lunsford wins the primary.

I still don't understand why he chose to run with Lunsford. It keeps the same people in charge at the party headquarters. The same people that still owe money to the county parties. Speaking of which, does anyone know the results of the audit?

When you factor in the negative baggage provided by Lunsford and Henry, Miller will win the primary.

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