Friday, February 02, 2007

Light blogging this weekend...

Being that it's Super Bowl weekend, blogging will be light, and especially lighter than usual this Sunday for the big game in which, as usual, I will be pulling for the Indianapolis Colts.

From the US News and World Report, 10 Things You Didn't Know about John Edwards. Unfortunately, they must have had a senior moment or something. Did Gore run in 2004 and I didn't know about it?
9. In 2003 Edwards decided to forgo the Senate re-election race and instead run for president. He eventually dropped out of that race and became Gore's running mate.
Edwards recently spoke at the DNC Winter Meeting. Here's a summary of what he spoke about.

Senator Clinton spoke at an AIPAC event last night. When it comes to the issue of Iran, all options, including the military, are on the table.
In her first appearance before a Jewish group since announcing her candidacy for president, Clinton expressed her unequivocal support for the Jewish state at a dinner Thursday in Manhattan for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s Northeast region. “I have been, I am now and I always will be proud to stand with all of you as a strong supporter of Israel,” she told the crowd of about 1,700 people. Israel and the United States have “shared values” and an “unbreakable bond,” she said, qualities that will be necessary as they stand up to terrorism and Iran.

Clinton said dialogue with Iran must be given a chance to work, but warned, “I’m not sure anything positive would come out of it.” Still, she said, dialogue would give the United States a better understanding of Iran and show other countries that all options short of war had been exhausted.

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