Sunday, February 25, 2007


What is going on with the state of Kentucky basketball? This season is already starting to become a disappointment! So much for the omen of all my favorite teams least from a professional standpoint!!

The University of Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball program is supposed to be a tradition unlike any other. What has happened to that in the past couple of years?!? Recruiting hasn't helped much. Smith went after Rondo knowing all he wanted was to go pro. To Derrick Jasper, when will you take a shot--47 out of 70?!? Only 3 made three pointers out of 12 attempted?!? This does not add up.

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson has kicked off his campaign for re-election as mayor.

Stumbo has hurt his political career.

While I'm not actively supporting Edwards as much as I did lately, I thought I would relay his statement upon Vilsack dropping out.
"Tom Vilsack is a terrific human being and one of the genuine treasures of our Party, so it is our loss more than his that he has chosen to end his campaign for president. His record as a leader on critical issues including education, health care, and energy independence makes one thing very clear: Tom has never forgotten where he came from or the people he serves. He is a powerful voice for the people of Iowa and America, and I am proud to call him a friend. Elizabeth and I wish Tom, Christie and their entire family the very best life can offer and look forward to working with them in the years ahead to build a country that lives up to its great promise."
Former Sen. Daschle will consider a slot for Vice President in 2008.

Democratic candidates for governor are, thankfully, voicing support of expanded gaming in the commonwealth.

Crowley takes a look at the candidates for governor.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barack recently spoke at SLU.
However, Barak said during peace talks at Camp David in 2000, he found little willingness from Palestinian leaders to seriously negotiate. He said peace between Israelis and Palestinians would remain elusive until a strong Palestinian leader comes forward.

"I think we have not choice but to wait for a leader to emerge on the Palestinian side with the character of [the late Egyptian President Anwar al] Sadat," Barak said.

During a short question and answer session after his talk, Barak was asked if Israel's need for security outweighed Palestinians' rights.

"We fully recognize the right of Palestinians to have an independent state. I jokingly call them the Jews of the Arab world. But as a society, their leaders are either blind or haunted by their hatred of Israel," he said.

"You have to look with open eyes at the situation. What Palestinian leaders are interested in is not correcting '67, but '47: the founding of the independent Jewish Zionist State," he said.

"We will never be apologetic about our ability to protect ourselves from terrorism," Barak said.

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