Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Please drive safely...

Please remember to drive safely if you have to be out on the road tonight. The snow, at least in Northern Kentucky, will not stop until sometime Wednesday morning.

Now, on to other news.

There were rumors a few days ago that former Miss America Phyllis George moved back to Kentucky and would possibly challenge Mitch McConnell in 2008.
"She did not move back to run for office," said Amanda Weitekamp, her assistant. "She moved back because she feels this is more where her roots are. This is where all her family and friends are."

George is "never going to say she's never going to run for office somewhere down the road. But for this period in her life, she doesn't see that happening," Weitekamp said.
UK's Student Government is urging students to show up tomorrow at the higher education rally. I can attest to their dismal turnout at last year's rally. For a school that is so close to Frankfort, it's disappointing to see them with very few students in attendance. Granted, it did not snow last year. But given the potential traffic conditions, one can understand if there is a smaller amount of students then expected. I should be there tomorrow but I won't find out til later today.
"Last year was just sad," said Senate President Brent Burchett at last week's Appropriations and Revenue committee meeting. "There's nothing like being there with all other Kentucky schools with five people to represent all of UK. It was embarrassing."

The main change from last year to help increase attendance is to make the event mandatory for SG senators, Burchett said.
Senator John Edwards has joined HRC in declining matching public funds. Look at it this way, it allows them to raise a lot of money without it being at the expense of taxpayers.

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