Sunday, November 21, 2004

Dean only Democrats

I am sick and tired of people who claim to be "Dean only Democrats" and will leave the party in a mass exodus if he's not the new chairman.

My friend said something along these lines: "We have to build the party back with true Democrats, and not Dean only democrats. Personality politics is not the way to build this party."

I completely concur with him.


ben said...

I've seen Dean speak--true, it was after his failed bid for President, but I was still surprised to hear "Dean" mentioned in the same post as "personality politics." If you've seen him speak, you'd understand that his appeal is not necessarily from his rhetorical skill, but rather that what he says makes sense.

Also, I didn't see a lot of Dean supporters drop out of the party after the primaries--in fact, many of his fayette county supporters were among the most active throughout the general election. the "dean" vs. "true" democrat dichotomy is ultimately unhelpful, i believe. remember: before dean's meteoric rise last winter, Bush was considered all but unbeatable.

If dean-only democrats didn't leave after he lost in the primaries, i doubt they'll leave if he's not DNC chair. perhaps because they've got nowhere to go, but more likely because they view themselves as "true" Democrats and the Democratic Party as their natural home.

See comments below in "hard-core liberal" post for more thoughts on Dean and his supporters.

Daniel S. said...

i've read a lot of comments on Daily Kos about leaving if he's not the new chair.

ben said...

i think you're really going to enjoy having site meter. it's like the grammar behind the blog language.

Daniel S. said...

if only i had the money to upgrade...