Monday, November 22, 2004

Simon Rosenberg: The Dark Horse favorite is reporting (from a article i was unable to find):
Simon Rosenberg, who currently heads the New Democrat Network, is becoming the favorite to become the next chairman of the DNC. But the former Clintonite also has a strong following among “outside” Democrats—activists who came to the party via former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and other Internet voters who read the blogs. Rosenberg’s straight talk about what the party needs to do has been remarkably consistent and his 527’s effort to win Hispanic voters was more successful than expected. Also in his favor: He’s a tireless fundraiser.
Did I not forsee this a few days ago? Simon is my choice. He's Jonathan's choice. He's the guy we need.

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American On Line said...

Some of the arguments against Simon Rosenberg can be read over at Kos: The arguments in favor can be seen here, and at other blogs.

No matter who the DNC picks, he or she better have a fire in the belly. The DNC chair needs to think today, not tomorrow. Strategize today, not March 2006 for that year, and March 2008 for that year. It is the message that must go out today. Establish credibility, establish trust, attack the wrongful conduct of your opponent - not their voters - and choose the candidate wisely. In the end: It Is The Candidate That Wins or Loses.

As James Carville should have said:

It is the Candidate Stupid!!

The dems should use the millions Kerry was hoarding to start running commercials today about what the Republicans are doing as we speak: killing intelligence reforms and thus rasing the risk of another 9/11, sneaking laws into huge bills in an effort to violate taxpayers rights, watering down counseling at hospitals for women with unwanted pregnancies, changing the DeLay rule, changing the Senate rules to marginalize Republican Moderates, etc.

Why wait till tomorrow yo get the dem choir educated about what we face 'today'? Why wait yo assemble the dem soldiers tomorrow, when we need to start the battle today?

It is clear that the democrats are once again destined to follow the Palestinian habit of never losing an opportunity to lose an opportunity.

After every election they have lost they do nothing to maintain the momentum they acquired prior to election day.

Rather, they get angry, depressed, tear at one another, put their heads down, and do not return their heads to an upright posture for another year. I say that the grieving period is over. There are people who want, nay, need, to continue with their fight for America’s future today, and not 18 months from now for 2006.

This propensity of democrats to self-destruct is the logical outgrowth of what I stated repeatedly: in politics, republicans are warriors, democrats want to discuss it. They just don't have a winner's mentality. For example, you never hear of republicans storming out of the country in protest or frustration when democrats win. They stick around and fight another day.

The determination of those that are willing today, should not be lost by an 18 month hiatus.

Planning should begin now. Framing the issues properly should begin now. The democrats need to follow the China rule of planning for a 100 years, not 2.

The republicans act in unison, they are preparing today, as I write, for the next wave of their assault. They plan generational. Democrats need to take advantage today of their foot soldiers that are ready to start planning and acting today.

Bush and the Republicans should not be given a honeymoon. That’s silly. The assault to take back America should begin today, and democrats should not sit around waiting for Bush and the Republicans to fail or succeed. Their success is irrelevant to the issue of what is best for America.

Bush and the Republicans were wrong on November 2, 2004, they are wrong today. The things at stake on November 2, 2004, are at stake today. Even more so given how early they have shown that it shall be business as usual. A 51% majority should not deter democrats from hammering Bush and the Republicans on the mess they continue to make. I can see, hear and read already how the democrats are falling back to sleep at the wheel.

Dems snooze, and we lose.