Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hardcore-Liberals, this is for you

This is for the members of the far-left that read this. You may not like what I have to say but a liberal agenda just ain't gonna cut it in the south and midwest.

Dean is a hardcore-liberal and I'm skeptical of the image he sends.

I'm a moderate Democrat and a member of the DLC.

To all my readers, please comment on how you found the link. I do track page visits by the past five days.


ben said...

KY Dem,
A few things...
First, I would suggest getting a sitemeter counter for your site--much more reliable than truefresco. you can tell with much greater accuracy where your hits are coming from--google searches, included.

Next, if you look at Dean's record as Governor, he was NOT a "hard-core" liberal. true, many of his disciples in the presidential bid were, but the fact is that Dean had a record of bipartisan cooperation in VT AND he balanced the budget 11 straight years in the only state in the union without a constitutional mandate to do just that. you seem pretty convinced that he is, in fact a hard-core liberal and I don't really want to debate on this subject, but just be aware that many of Dean's supporters are NOT "hard-core" liberals. they're budget balancing, early childhood supporting, issue-discussing Democrats.

Finally, i would be interested to know what you view to be the primary differences between a liberal Democrat agenda and a moderate Democrat agenda. I'm curious to know whether you believe the differences are primarily rhetorical or substantial. That is, can we bridge the divide by changing our vocabulary or will people have to change their minds on substance to come together?

Keep up the good work.

Daniel S. said... Howard Dean is a Hard-Core Liberal.

thanks i will get sitemeter now.

Daniel S. said...

click about us on the DLC link.