Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Promised Follow Up

I said I'd follow up that with how I feel.

Hilary Clinton--Too polarizing and I've made my case before.

Al Gore--AG couldn't deliver us the south last time and I didn't see him campaign in KY for JK this year. I don't see him doing as well in the primaries.

Bill Richardson--He is a moderate but he's Hispanic as well, which works against him as we still have racists in the south in OUR party. Fortunately, I'm not one of them.

Evan Bayh--DARK HORSE to get the nomination and my vote. I'm on the Bayh bandwagon in case my readers haven't noticed. I plan to intern this summer if things go my way.

Tom Vilsack--He is governor and is actively seeking the DNC Chair. I'd rather see him than Howard Dean. He couldn't deliver Iowa to the blue column this year but things will change in 4 years.

Howard Dean--Too liberal for me and I'm a moderate Democrat.

John Edwards--Even as VP, he was not enough to give us NC or anywhere in the south. He faces an uphill climb in 2008 should he run. Elizabeth's illness is a priority right now.

Barak Obama--I know I have his email address but anyway, he said he wouldn't run in 2008 as president or VP according to articles online. See the latter about Richardson.

Harry Reid--I don't anticipate him running. We'd have to get a new leader in the Senate as he would be campaigning.

Mark Warner--A Dem in a Red State but he'll run for Senate in 2006. Possible VP.

I like the sound of BAYH/WARNER 2008.


Garrett said...

Other than his opposition to the Iraq war, what's so liberal about Howard Dean? Long record of fiscal moderatism in Vermont.

Daniel S. said...

his rhetoric speaks for itself. his whole base is the far-left.

Garrett said...

his rhetoric speaks for itself? how about his actual positions?

his base is far-left because he was the only dem candidate who spoke out actively against the Iraq war.

i agree that Dean is not a viable candidate for the future, but you should be clear that conservative media branded Dean a liberal, and this bled into the mainstream. his record clearly demonstrates otherwise.

Daniel S. said...

he made some Anti-Israel remarks during the campaign.

doesn't matter what any pundit said, the way his campaign was run, he ran as a hardcore liberal.

Mark said...

Wes Clark--My top choice this year and still a stong possibility in 2008 assuming the world isn't "all better" by then. His bid last year started out badly due to inexperience and a late start, but he still did well everywhere he competed, he just couldn't stop the runaway Kerry train. As an experienced candidate he should do much better if there is a next time.

Daniel S. said...

The thing about Clark is he has no political experience, only military. The only modern day president with no political experience was Ike. I see Gen. Clark running for Governor of AR first.