Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bayh's Address in Iowa...

Senator Evan Bayh said that if he was given his choice to be prepared to be presiddent, if he had to choose between Governor and Senator, he would choose to have been Governor. Governors know how to run a government. However, he says that national security is also important and that the Senate experience has helped.

"It's help to have been both Governor, but also have some in-depth national security experience."

I like how Sen. Bayh treats it as a dialogue with about an 8 to 15 minute speech followed by a question and answer session.

He mentioned the things he had in common with Governor-elect Chet Culver. Both were sons of United States Senators). Both served as Secretary of State (Bayh for one term). Both were elected Governor. Bayh then went on to say how, when he was governor at 32, that a person from the Tennessee delegation during a midterm convention thought he was a coat holder.

The Senator's stump speech is coming along just fine. I don't know why these other folks don't see in him the qualities that I see.

They also show his get together in Des Moines, Iowa, at the South Union Bread Company. It's more of an informal get together.

Bayh spoke with a younger member of the crowd about the exploratory committee and the formal announcement. Sen. Bayh told him that a formal announcement would be in the first part of January.

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