Sunday, December 10, 2006

Uh, yea, about that...

I made a pledge that I would no longer respond to those who were anonymous. However, that pledge only goes so far. I'm a Democrat. I don't attack other Democrats for being in a certain wing of the party because it's not my nature to do so. True, no one can agree with everyone 10% of the time. Anyway, I just read this comment at Bluegrass Report but I cannot reply to it because I keep getting some sort of "comment spam" message at every typepad blog I visit. Here is what they wrote:
Isn't anyone here concerned that Miller sees himself as part of the "New Democrat" movement of right-wing Democrats? He has even been recognized by the Democratic Leadership Council and he is close to Joe Lieberman, who has raised money for him. I'm a bit concerned that we are cheering for a very underwhelming person who is Republican-lite on many important issues. It is the DLC approach that got the Democrats into the fix we have been in for the past 12 years. Now that we are finally recovering by rejecting that strategy and getting back to our true values, why would we be excited about a DLCer like Miller? I don't want to help Karl Rove win any subsequent elections.

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No, I am not concerned. I, too, if I had the funding, would be a donor to the DLC. If you look at the 100 to watch from 2003, you would notice that then-Illinois State Senator Barack Obama's name is listed.

I'm a moderate Democrat and I hate it when one is labeled as person who is Republican-lite just because they are a Democrat who is closer to the center than others in the Democratic party. The Democratic Party is a big tent party last that I checked.

Jonathan Miller is a great guy and I have faith in his leadership of this state. He's a Democrat who can restore honesty and integrity back to Frankfort if elected in 2007 whether it be as Governor or Attorney General. Miller was not the only one listed with Obama as 100 to Watch. Congressman Ben Chandler, incoming Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, Senator Ken Salazar, etc. were listed.

Furthermore, I also appreciate what Simon Rosenberg is doing with the New Democratic Network. If you recall, I supported his candidacy for party chairman in 2004.

If I recall, a former DLC chairman was elected President in 1992.

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