Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why I now support John Edwards for President

A few weekends ago, my preferred candidate of choice, Sen. Evan Bayh, dropped out of the presidential race after testing the waters for all of two weeks. With his exit, I turned my attention towards that of John Edwards, a former senator of North Carolina. Edwards has been touring the country since the 2004 election and has a much different image today than he did in 2004 when he first ran for president.

Here is a video that was posted yesterday:Sen. Edwards made his announcement from New Orleans, a city which was hit very hard by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Edwards is looking more and more like he will be running a populist-based campaign.

As Edwards campaign theme says: TOMORROW BEGINS TODAY

The following was posted on the main front page of his campaign site:
This campaign is about each of us taking responsibility for our country's future -- and ensuring America’s greatness in the 21st century.

It is a campaign not just about what we can do in the White House -- but what we can do on the way.

We all must take responsibility and take action now to:

-Provide moral leadership in the world
-Strengthen our middle class and end poverty
-Guarantee universal health care for every American
-Lead the fight against global warming
-Get America and other countries off our addiction to oil

If we want to live in a moral and just America tomorrow, we cannot wait until the next President is elected to begin to take action.
I agree wholeheartedly and those are issues that I can get behind in the next election.

I do believe that John Edwards can be and will be elected the next president. I'll do whatever I can to help his candidacy but my current priorities are on the 2007 elections in Kentucky and graduating from college.

I've had the chance to meet the Senator in the past (No picture exists of myself with the Senator--I hope that changes sometime) and I think he will make a fine president.

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