Friday, December 08, 2006

Is typepad acting up?

I tried posting a comment at a typepad-based blog only to see a screen saying that it's comment-spam when it's not.

Well after nearly 20 attempts to post my comment with regards to 3:14's comment, I'll just post my reply here. I am doing my utter best to stay out of this whole pro-Mark and anti-Mark feuding that is going on at his blog.
3:14, I've noticed the exact same thing as of late. I never delete comments at my own blog--even if they are those of attack against me. I don't delete comments because I believe in the freedom speech, whether or not I disagree with the comments of others.

As an FYI, it should be noted that my comment was originally marked by typepad as comment spam--therefore causing me to use the typepad account in order to comment. This is my twentieth attempt to post this comment.