Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In other news...

I would expect that television news stations will be bombarding us with the news of President Gerald Ford's death as they did in 2004 when President Ronald Reagan died. The state funeral is expected sometime this weekend with burial on the grounds of his presidential library in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ford's death came one day after it was announced that James Brown had died.

Going from one president to another, Neal Sher writes about Jimmy Carter. Sher is a former director of the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations. He also served as Executive Director of AIPAC.

President Ford was probably the most athletic president of all time.
Bob Hope, a golfing friend of Ford, once quipped: "It's not hard to find Jerry Ford on a golf course - you just follow the wounded."
Former Sen. John Edwards is expected to formally announce his candidacy for President while in New Orleans, Louisiana tomorrow.

Kentucky State Treasurer and gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Miller recently said that Northern Kentucky will be an important region in the 2007 election. This doesn't surprise me. It's a growing area, albeit conservative, and NKU is probably the most underfunded public university in the state.
Gubernatorial hopeful and state Treasurer Jonathan Miller said while Northern Kentucky might not be the Democratic bastion it once was, a candidate must have a good show of support in the region to win an election.

He said that's why he and his running mate, Jefferson County Attorney Irv Maze, are kicking off a grassroots tour of the state in Crestview Hills today.

"It's essential for any Democratic candidate to perform well, to not give up on the region," he said. "You want to have a good showing, even if you don't win the three counties."[...]

Miller said he is working on setting up campaign headquarters and decided to travel the state on a series of "meet ups" to get the grassroots effort going.

"Over the last couple of weeks, we've frankly been bombarded with phone calls and e-mails," he said.

While the event today isn't a fundraiser, Miller said he hopes to start lining up donors and volunteers.
Could Sen. Evan Bayh still run for president in 2008?
Vigo County Democratic Committee Chairman Joe Etling knows Bayh well and believes Bayh will run again as either a presidential candidate or a vice presidential running mate. "When he`s in town and he`s at events, you can see people genuinely like him.. he`s been in politics so long and at such a young age, he`s still young. He has a long and bright future. He`s going to do things his own way and that`s why he`s been so successful," Etling says.

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