Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What's up with JYB3?

Apparently, this is per Mark Hebert:
John Y. Brown III returned a phone call to me on Monday. I'd tried calling him about rumors that he might be Jonathan Miller's running mate. Obviously, that was several days ago. What Brown told me Monday was that he's hoping his former boss, Ron Geary will decide in the next two weeks to join the gubernatorial fray. Brown says he hopes to be supporting a Geary candidacy but didn't give an indication about the odds of Geary running. Brown works for ResCare. Geary is the former C.E.O. who recently bought Ellis Park racetrack from Churchill Downs.

Bruce Lunsford's former campaign consultant, Dale Emmons, told me the same thing he told the Lexington Herald-Leader the other day, that he expects Lunsford to be a candidate for Governor when the January 30th filing deadline rolls around.
From what we read in the H-L a while back, if Geary's in, Lunsford is out. If Lunsford is in, Geary is out. We won't know for the next two weeks.

With regards to the Republicans, the odds are against Northup making a run with everything that has happened in the past ten months in her life.

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