Thursday, December 16, 2004

Harold Ford for Senate 2006

The Associated Press reports that it is official. Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. will be seeking the Democratic nomination for the US Senate seat that Dr. Frist now holds.
Democratic U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., planning a Senate race in 2006, said he will not be outworked in trying to become Republican Bill Frist's successor.

Speaking to more than 200 people at a "riend-raiser" here, Ford also said Tuesday that the Democratic party can succeed.

"It is not enough anymore to be against everything,'' Ford said. ''To win, it takes ideas. It takes a vision. We have to do a lot more with that vision thing to win nationally and win statewide."

"I make no bones about planning a Senate run," Ford said after speaking at the Sheraton Read House.
If Frist does step down like he says he will, the following Republicans are looking at the race: Former U.S. Rep. Ed Bryant (He lossed against Sen. Lamar Alexander in 2002), State Rep. Beth Harwell (former state chairwoman), and Former GOP U.S. Rep. Van Hilleary (ran for Governor in 2002).

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